Elna SP ST SU sewing machine manual


ELNA AIR ELECTRONIC SU SEWING MACHINE. Please Note:- This is a 240 Volt Sewing machine, International bidders will need a Transformer to convert 240 Volts - 110 Volts, Before Using. This is a Beautiful machine, and are coming very hard to come by. It has a MultiProgram installed, which has many many Decorative sititches and Buttonhole, and you can even add opptional cams to add to your designs, (only 3 included) with this sewing machine, but they are still obtainable second hand, mabe on ebay, or sewing machine shops. It really is a lovely clean machine , it has the slide on see-thru carry cover (this slides around the side of the machine), as the carry handle is already built into the top of the machine. Also at the top of the machine is the slot to put the cams into, just release the small switch, and the top will flip open, for you to slot the cams into. Also, this comes with the pneumatic foot control, this is a very unusual looking one as it is circular in shape, and uses air to control the machine, it is actually a safety feature as if it was accidentley cut, it would be safe as it would be only air that you are cutting through and not electric. Of course the machine is run on electric and does have a plug. Accessories with this machine are :- 1 Packet of needles, bobbins and Extra feet. This really is a lovely machine, Swiss made and precision built.