Singer 4538 Sewing Machine

Singer Merritt 4538. This machine can pretty much do it all. Has various multi stitch patterns with a selector switch you turn and a little orange selector will move and show up in the hole under the stitch pattern you want to use. There is 21 stitch patterns on the sewing machine. There is also a zig zag control you can select how wide you want the zig zag stitch to be. This sewing machine also has a button holer feature. And spool of thread holder and also a very handy carrying handle that when not in use you flip it down and push it back towards you and it locks in place out of your way. There is also a On/Off switch on the right side and when turned on a light will also come on over your work area above the needle. A plate surrounding the arm can be taken off to make this sewing machine a free arm machine.