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To purchase the manual, simply click the "BANNER" above the photo. You will be re-directed to Pay Pal's website where you can purchase the manual with your Pay Pal balance, a bank transfer, or a credit card. As soon as payment has been made you will automatically be re-directed to the page where you will be able to download your manual straight away

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If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, you can download the installer and instructions free from the Web Site by clicking on the PDF icon above


Willcox & gibbs Various models information book not instructions which machine suits the buyer various models including 505-E52-210/223EH/KS, 504-E52-180/223BT 022, 514-E52-181/323BT 052, 514-E52-133/363AT 054, 504-e56-190/233, 504-E56-231/123, 515-E32-420/213KH 051, 515-E32-450/335KH 003, 515-E32-542/253, 515-E32L 401-E22L 504-2L, 504-4-180/223BT 024, 514-4-61, 515-4-26KS, 504-4-25KS, 514-4-18 s1, 504-4-65DS-20, 515-4-26URF, 516-4-91, 516-4-550/213, 516-4-355/313kh (401x514), 401-13x100, 401-04x100, 504/v-71EH/KS, 514-9-68, 515-9-26, 41-03x248, 61-02x240tk, 61-05x240md22, 61-21x356, WS42-01x240UT, WS42-30x248UT, WS62-05x240MD22, WS62-32x356, LS-103 LS-104,photographs brief description on the model Instruction Manual

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